Nestled at end of Bayswater Rd in Ruschcutter’s Bay is a hip, blue restaurant called ACME. The A for Andy Emerson, C for Cam Faibairn and E for Ed Loveday are known for Darlinghurst bar The Passage and Sydney’s “Prince of Pasta” Mitch Orr is behind the M.

8.30 on Friday night the restaurant is full. It has a great vibe buzzing with people and music. As we wait for our table we sit on high wooden stools by the kitchen and order a beautiful bottle of Italian Red, Poggio Dorleri Dolcetto.

The menu may only be simple in size but its far from simple in flavours.

To start with we share the jatz (yes jatz the crackers), liverwurst, mustard cream and gherkin – a bite of crunchy goodness reminding me of sandwiches with my mum’s homemade pickles.

We also pull apart the famous chestnut savarin served with celeriac and witlof as well as some creamy burrata served with beautiful fresh citrus and curry leaves.

For mains there are seven unique pasta dishes to choose from. Mitch Orr’s pasta is renowned for being creative and the menu is an exciting fusion of Italian  with a hint of Asian.

Our waitress recommends the hand cut maltagliati with shiitake and burnt scallion and it was divine. The mushroom and butter flavour is delicious and the thin pieces of pasta are cooked al dente.

We also choose the macaroni served with pig’s head, some chilli and an egg yolk on top. When mixing the egg yolk into the pasta it coats the meat with a soft creaminess, it’s almost like a salty Carbonara and it works!

The thing I love most about these pasta dishes is they’re not too heavy on sauces yet are packed with amazing flavours.

Other pasta on the menu include a linguine with black garlic and burnt chilli, fusilli pasta with spanner crab and crim di rapa as well as a spaghetti with chicken meatballs and cavolo nero.

The desserts are also a lot of fun. The banana sorbet with Jerusalem artichoke and hot fudge is exquisite. We also try the ube waffle topped with maple syryp ice cream – But get in quick with this one before it melts!

ACME is a real gem, a trendy restaurant that challenges traditional Italian cuisine with a menu full of exciting new creations just waiting to be discovered.

Food is affordable (All pasta under $30) the wine list more expensive but some beautiful bottles to enjoy.

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