In the middle of the historic Chiswick gardens in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is Matt Moran’s sophisticated glasshouse restaurant, Chiswick.

Walking through lush green gardens to the chic French style glass building you feel as though you are stepping into a hidden paradise far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This probably is a huge contributor to the restaurant’s esteem as one of the best places for lunch in Sydney. Oh and I must warn you patrons often enjoy their long afternoon lunch so much they find themselves still there 5 hours later contemplating staying for dinner.

We have a group of 7 for our lunch so the collective menu looked like great value, and it was!

To start with we snack on wood fired garlic bread with garden oregano and heirloom carrots, house buttermilk curd, sesame and yuzo.

My favourite appetizer was the yellowfin tuna, squid ink cracker, avocado and pickled ginger – the fresh tuna, crunchy cracker and burst of wasabi-like picked ginger was a wonderful way to wake the taste buds.

Next was the kingfish sashimi and cucumber gazpacho, a plate of local beetroot salad with Hawkesbury honey and we also ordered some creamy Burrata – all were sensational! These are served with the crispy fried chicken with sweet soy and cabbage. The chicken was golden brown and was served with chipotle mayo for an added spicy kick.

The Chiswick dining room is full of light, stunning garden views and hearty smells of fresh herbs and roast lamb.

Warm rays of winter sunshine were glistening through the windows when our main meals arrived. The whole roasted chicken was served with Jerusalem artichoke and roman beans. The famous wood roasted lamb, from Moran’s family NSW property near Bathurst, was served with zucchini and pine nut. This dish was definitely a standout. The lamb shoulder had obviously been roasted for hours as it was falling off the bone with just one touch of the knife.

Our mains were accompanied by fresh garden salads and plates of hot hand cut chips.

The food at Chiswick is simple, yet elegant and champions the produce that’s used. Much of this produce actually comes from the kitchen garden which guests can see as they sit in the bar area or walk past the open kitchen to the bathrooms.

Speaking of the kitchen, they not only plated some seriously good food but also were very generous with servings. The lamb shoulders were on the small side so they gave us an entire extra plate. With quite a lot leftover and they not only gave us the option to takeaway but also divided it up into several boxes so everyone could have some leftovers.

For desserts we had Vahrohna chocolate with passion fruit and roasted marshmallows. With a thin hard chocolate outer layer and soft filling the fork slides through the dessert with ease.

The Pineapple bombe with citrus and lychee was incredible! A fresh, light and flavour filled dessert to end a beautiful meal . Oh and it looked amazing on the plate as well!

As you can see we enjoyed some delicious  food at Chiswick and there was so much of it.

And I do have a confession for you all. By the time we finished lunch and our sneaky couple of glasses more of Malbec, we were indeed those guests who had stayed until dinner time!

At $80 per person, the collective menu at Chiswick provides an excellent selection of food and was definitely great value.









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