China Doll

Sydney’s award winning China Doll is a modern Asian restaurant at Woolloomooloo Wharf that brings together culinary tradition from Hong Kong, Japan and South East Asia. China Doll has an A La Carte menu as well as 3 banquets ($72, $88 and $105 per person). We opted for the $88 per person banquet for our lunch of 3.

First comes Ocean Trout Sashimi with Blackened Chill Dressing.  The dressing is drizzled over thin slices of apple and tastes sensational. The side of pickled ginger was also good enough to eat on its own!

Next was the beautifully presented steamed half shell scallops with ginger and shallot. The sprinkle of sesame seeds was a lovely finishing touch.

The Chilli salt squid was nice and crispy and if it wasn’t hot enough there was extra chilli powder on the side.

The pork and peanut San Choy Bau was fun. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy and the peanut and pork filling was also tossed with bits of green peas.

At this point in lunch we realized there weren’t any dumplings in the banquet. Naturally we put the banquet on hold and ordered a couple of plates to share before the main meals. I don’t know about you readers but dumplings are my weakness and when in an Asian restaurant like China Doll dumplings are definitely called for. I would have liked to see these included on the banquet.

Next on was the Korean Mahi Mahi fillet with a sweet Gochujang sauce and Daikon.

The tea smoked Duck with Tamarind and plum was incredible. The skin was crispy and the meat was and nice and tender. The smokiness and tea flavours had infused the meat, complimenting the sweet plum sauce and leaving a wonderful aftertaste.

Wok Fried Beef Fillet with Oyster Mushroom and Fragrant Rice Wine was also delicious with shallots and chilli lightly tossed through. The mains were served with stir-fried Chinese greens and steamed jasmine rice.

The dessert platter at China Doll includes some of the best Asian desserts I’ve tasted in Sydney. The tapioca was by far my favourite – a perfect consistency and it tasted amazing. The tapioca was creamy yet wonderfully refreshing with the passion fruit pulp mixed throughout.

China Doll is a wonderful restaurant for a long lunch on a beautiful day in Sydney. Sit outside, soak up the water views and enjoy some great service and an array of traditional Asian flavours.

Banquets $72, $88 and $105

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