Three Blue Ducks in Rosebery

From humble beginnings in Bronte, The Three Blue Ducks have waddled out of their quaint little Eastern Suburbs cafe and taken flight to Byron Bay, Brisbane and my new local area Rosebery.


Passion and a strong commitment to sustainably and fresh food is omnipresent from the moment you step in the door at the duck’s Rosebery venue.

Cookbooks, keep cups, bottles of oils and house made relishes are scattered on tables to peruse whilst waiting for the friendly host to take you to your table.

You can’t help but be captivated by the large restaurant space housed in a converted warehouse where the old Rosella soup cannery once stood.  The exposed brick walls are covered in coloured murals, stacked firewood and wire with hanging greenery. Concrete floors, timber tables and high ceilings with natural beams, pipes and insulation add to the industrial chic vibe which the ducks nail so well.

It’s Saturday night and the restaurant is buzzing.  Groups bond over large tables full of share plates and duck printed wine glasses. It’s a great space for a celebration, function or event.

The service is friendly and professional and the team here operate like a well-oiled machine.

With the restaurant featuring a wood fired oven and two charcoal pits it’s no surprise that smoke and chargrilled flavours are the champions of this menu. The food is simple and rustic channelling a no-fuss country style BBQ approach to cooking.

First up for us is the sweet potato hummuss ($14). The hummuss is topped with black sesame and delicious charred onion and is served with a generous serve of fresh focaccia for dipping – a great entrée to share and washed down perfectly with a glass of 2016 Te Whare Ra Organic Sauvignon Blanc from Marborough, NZ ($70).

Nestled to the side of the kitchen overlooking the dining area is the bar and there’s a fantastic selection of cocktails on offer – in case you have trouble finding it look for the sign!

For mains we order the roasted pork chop, burnt onion puree, charred broccolini and chimichurri ($34).  The pork chop and broccolini were cooked perfectly but there was something was missing in this dish for me. Although the burnt onion and chimichurri were both fresh and bursting with flavour personally I was craving something more traditional. Sometimes nothing beats the classic pork and apple sauce flavour combo!

Chatting to the waitress at the time she says the ducks in the kitchen love feedback from customers and she would pass this one on.

The staff here are attentive, friendly and are obviously passionate about working on the Three Blue Ducks team. Our enthusiastic waitress tempts us into ordering one of the specials of the day. The slow roasted lamb has been pulled off the bone and is tender and full of flavour.

A side was definitely needed with the mains and we put a late order in for the crispy potatoes with rosemary and garlic ($11). We were pleasantly surprised a couple of minutes later when the waiter delivered the bowl to our table. The potatoes have obviously been sitting in one of the charcoal pits and are infused with warm smokey scents and flavours.

For dessert we pick the coconut custard cream with roasted rhubarb, crystallised white chocolate, sesame & lemon balm ($13).

As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover or in this case don’t judge a dessert by its plate. Our initial reaction to the dish is that is looked quite simple but within moments from the plate hitting the table we were greeted with the distinctive smell of the creamy white chocolate that had been crushed and scattered over the dish.

The coconut custard is served as a creamy foam infused with subtle hints of the lemon balm. The roasted rhubarb is crunchy and packed with flavour. This dessert is without a doubt the standout dish of the night – a fabulous and fun fusion of flavours and the perfect way to end a night of chargrilled meats and veggies.

Making your way to the bathrooms on the way out you will pass a large coffee machine station as well as jars of picked veggies, jams and marmalades –  a friendly reminder that the Three Blue Ducks will be up bright and early in the morning for breakfast and lunch.

In the mean time, if you are looking for a night cap make sure you pop in to the Archie Rose Gin Distillery next door!

The final say:

Standout dish – Coconut custard, roasted rhubarb, crystallised white chocolate, sesame & lemon balm

Positives – Trendy industrial space with simple rustic food, a great vibe and excellent service

Negatives – Personally I would have loved an apple sauce with the pork chop

Address:    1/85 Dunning Ave, Roseberry NSW 2018


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