Bopp and Tone

Bopp and Tone is the latest venture from Applejack, the hospitality group behind The Botanist, The Butler and Della Hyde.

This new upmarket Sydney CBD restaurant/ bar is tribute to Applejack founders’ Grandfathers, Keith “Bopp” Evans and Anthony “Tone” Adams. The venue channels the post WW2 era they lived in – it’s stylish, grand and full of class featuring marble bench tops, dark timber and shades of yellow and green.

Conveniently located in the CBD on Carrington St opposite Wynyard station, Bopp and Tone is a great spot for a post work dinner and drinks.

I am meeting a friend for an early dinner at 5.30 and the restaurant is already filling with an after work crowd.

The venue features several different dining areas, an open kitchen and bar inside and a large outdoor balcony. Lots of hanging greenery through the windows help those inside forget they are just metres away from one of Sydney’s busiest bus interchanges.

Any restaurant that starts with olives gets a thumbs up from me and as we sip our first glass of pinot noir we enjoy some olives with a bread basket.

The menu at Bopp and Tone has been created by Group Executive Chef Jason Roberson and Head Chef Sa Va’afusuaga. It’s all about share food with Mediterranean influences, and is predominantly cooked on the in-house wood grill or charcoal oven.

The baked mozzarella in lemon leaves ($14) is a must here! The lemon leaves are merely there to enhance the flavour not to eat. The flavour is indeed exquisite and drizzled with chilli oil this is a fantastic appetiser.

The potato scallops with taramasalata are also a great starter to share ($14). The scallops are golden brown with a crunchy bite.

For mains we choose the clams and cauliflower to share. There’s also an excellent selection of wood grilled meats on the menu ranging from a Char-grilled Spatchcock dish with paprika, oregano, chilli, organic yoghurt ($33) to a Bistecca alla Fiorentina- a 1kg grass fed Brooklyn Valley VIC MB3+ Beef dish! ($135). I’ll add this to my list of things to order when I’m here with more guests or a much bigger appetite!

I love a good bowl of clams and the clams here ($25) are definitely that and so much more!

The clams are served in a mix of fregola and bottarga. Fregola is a Sardinian pasta made from semolina and it’s a perfect way to enjoy clams. Add the delightful burst of bottargo in the mix and this is one exceptional dish!

The fried cauliflower ($14) is mixed with a smoky paprika yoghurt, dukka  and mint.

Boppe and Tone also have a great cocktail list. I’m a big fan of ameretto sours so I opt for the Rhubarb Sour ($20). The pepperberry Altos Tequila, Italicus Bergamot, poached rhubarb, lemon and aquafaba is a fantastic combo! For those of you who don’t know what aquafaba is (I have to admit I had never heard of it!), aquafaba is the water in which legume seeds such as chickpeas have been cooked and is often used as a replacement to egg whites so any vegans out there looking to enjoy a sour cocktail this is the secret ingredient!

It’s already near 11pm and although I would have loved to try some more cocktails it’s a weeknight so I’ll have to save it until next time.

Our dinner was meant to be an early quick weekday catch up but we were lured in with Bopp and Tone’s charm – beautiful food, great wine and a creative cocktail list!

The final say: A great spot for after work dinner and drinks in the city (Also open for lunch every day excluding Sunday!)

Standout dish – Clams with fregola and bottarga ($25)

Positives – Delicious Mediterranean inspired menu designed to share with fantastic service and large stylish venue

Negatives – Although service was great with staff very friendly and professional it did get slower throughout the night. Our waiter forgot to come back for our wine order with mains and we had to ask for the bill several times.

Address – 60 Carrington St, Wynyard Park


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